Wednesday, March 28, 2012


     On the eight year anniversary of Maura Murray's disappearance, a YouTube user named Mr112dirtbag began uploading strange, cryptic, and disturbing videos that contain information and details related to Maura's case. National and international news sources have written articles about the mysterious videos, including Daily Mail and Fox News.

     The username Mr112dirtbag is related to the Maura Murray case. Maura disappeared on New Hampshire Route 112. Fred Murray, Maura's father, speculated on the show "Disappeared" that Maura may have been abducted by "some local dirt bags."

     Mr112dirtbag deleted some videos, but James Renner managed to save "Happy Anniversary" and "Maura Murray." The first video uploaded was "Happy Anniversary." It features an older man with glasses laughing for nearly a minute. He stops abruptly and then winks before the words "Happy Anniversary" appear on screen.

     The next video, titled "Maura Murray," features a ski pass to Bretton Hills Mountain Resort. Bretton Woods is located at Route 302 in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. The date on the pass reads 2/11/04, 2 days after Maura went missing. The mountain resort is less than an hour away from where Maura vanished in 2004.

      Another video, titled "Bodies of Water," features a covered bridge as viewed from a car's interior. The weather is rainy and the video is set to classical music.

     Who is Mr112dirtbag? Northeastern University Criminologist Jack Levin analyzed the videos and believes the creator is possibly involved with Maura's disappearance and, at the very least, a sadist. Here is a list of other possible usernames and online identities:

- Beagle on Topix forums
- IronCladLou on XDA Developers tech forums

     Other possible Mr112dirtbag connections, including murderer and escapee John William McGrath and the Connecticut River Valley Killer, have been mentioned on James Renner's "My Search for Maura Murray" blog and the SomethingAwful forums. I'll explore these possible connections in more depth in future posts.

     Who do you think Mr112dirtbag is? Do you think he is somehow involved with Maura Murray's disappearance?


  1. Seems like the guy John williams MacGrath. Same nose, same lips and seems crazy and weird. Which 67 year old man would behave like that.

  2. How have you concluded that these bloggers/forum members are connected to an inflammatory video on youtube?

  3. i find it weird that police are not looking into this further

    1. They also need to show this photo to the woman who says she saw MM with a man and ask her to ID it. The police are being useless

  4. Creepy... Doesn't that video of him laughing look like he's in a basement? I sure hope the police have followed up on this,and even checked out the Breton woods area for hotel rooms rented, video footage,etc. I just watched this Disappeared episode with Maura and am hoping and praying they will still find her. Sending my thoughts and prayers out to her friends and family. You may be gone but you will not be forgotten. Rip sweet Maura =((

  5. I just watched the episode also . I am thinking so hard of her and her father and friends and loved ones . I just wish I could make a difference. Loving your maura xoxo

  6. Who is this creep in the you tube videos? his putrid face needs to be hunted down and tortured and made to tell any/everything he knows. This is such a disgusting freak and he shouldn't get away with doing that.